If you are unable to reach a website, please try the following steps prior to requesting support.

  1. Have you tried to connect to a different website
  • If the problem only exists with one website, it is most likely an issue with that specific website
  • If you cannot connect to any websites, ask someone else in the office to try.  Do they have the same problem, or is it unique to your computer?
  • Can you connect to other network resources (file server, email, network printer, etc)?
    • If you can, it is possible that your Internet connection is down
    • If you cannot, your computer may be experiencing a problem.  Please reboot your computer and repeat steps 1 and 2 above.
  • Verify that your network cable is firmly connected to the office jack and your computer.  The network connection on your computer should have a blinking light to indicate that there is a valid connection present. 
    • If there is no blinking light, please replace the network cable and test again